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About searches at the intersection of design, strategy and healthcare enterprise.

Our research, consulting, publishing, health care services support, software and AI divisions maybe nascent, but we work to continuously build our capacity to deliver 21st century tools that straddle the translational science paradigm.

We’ve made bets on these areas and actively think about them as we believe they are the tools to deliver our vision of responsive African health care systems.

To get us there, we look to contemporary interpretations of African communitarianism for guidance. Therefore, for us, our mission is all about building communities.

  • Healthy communities.
  • Resilient communities.
  • Communities of thinkers who are doers and doers who are thinkers.

As we endeavor in our mission, as in formed by this outlook grounded in community, we are a company that embraces the values of reflexivity and sensitivity in our every undertaking.

Thank you for taking interest in us.