Uncovering the Truth: Investigating the Myths Surrounding Mint Health Benefits

a close-up of fresh mint leaves on a dark countertop, ready to be used in cooking or home wellness remedies; its an image that highlights the natural beauty of the mint plant and serves to counterpoise the the topic of the article - myths surrounding mint's health benefits of mint

In spite of it use for millennia, first in both homes and later by wellness practitioners, myths about mint and its health benefits persist. While the consensus has been that mint plants are generally useful, many have dismissed its natural health benefits as at best due to placebo effect.

In this article, we look at three common myths surrounding mint’s health benefits. We will see that some of the common misconceptions about mint remain unresolved scientifically. And as far as home remedies go, myths about mint plant and its health benefits prevail, partly because mint plants belong to a family of species known by their characteristic aroma and flavor. Indeed some members of the mint plant family are said to cause serious harm to health.

Myths on Mint Plant Health Benefits: Mint Boosts Sex Life as it Makes Women Sweeter in Bed

I remember visiting my cousin who had been struggling to get pregnant for a while. The previous night she sent me a picture of a rapid pregnancy test kit showing a positive result. I was so happy for her.

Later, I visited her to share in her joy. When our husbands got busy talking man speak, we found a reason to retreat in the kitchen for a girlie talk. I am a straight shooter. Straight talker. So I went straight to the point. I wanted to know what she did right this time. She started giggling before saying anything.

How Mint ‘Saved’ Kate’s Marriage

Knowing her, I knew that she was up to something. I didn’t know whether to join in her laughter or not. I kept my cool. Then came he revelation, “Do you know using mint makes you sweet?” Sweet? Which sweet I wondered out loud.

“Been taking mint water for some time now.” She finally said it, but in a manner a bit too shy for my liking.

“Everybody does take mint water…. so what?” I replied. 

She then retold how she had overheard a conversation at the salon that taking mint water makes women sweet. The ever curious, naughty Kate (my cousin) couldn’t hold herself knowing that. She swears that when she did start taking mint water, her husband could not have enough of her…

“And we are now pregnant.” She said this amidst a hearty laughter.

Needless to add, my attempts at explain to her that the mind is the body’s key sex organ, and her belief that she was sweet had been the game changer (rather than mint water) proved futile. She simply didn’t buy into my explanation that the mint water had a placebo effect by boosting herself confidence and making her feel sexy. It is this projection of a sexy confident version of herself that had enchanted her husband.

Mint and its Impact on Health, Truth or Tales: Taking Too Much Mint Will Kill You

Mint plant contains the essential oil known as pennyroyal. This valued oil was used historically by natural healers to induce menstruation or as an abortifacient (to induce abortions). It is for this reason that it is  believed that all mint plants can be lethal if ingested in a large enough dose to accomplish those purposes. When you juxtapose this myth against my cousin’s experience, you indeed wonder which way now. Is mind good for women’s reproductive health? Or is it a cure. It gets interesting when you consider the next myths about mint plant and its impact on health.

Separating Fact from Fiction, Myths on Mint Plant Health Benefits: Mint Plant use Causes Female Infertility

Third myth is that the mint plant can cause female infertility. There are varied opinions regarding the role of mint in leading to female infertility. Some argue that prolonged use of the menthol component of myth may cause infertility by reducing a woman’s ability to conceive by interfering with the production of ova. This is due to the germicidal and insecticidal properties that the herb mint gets from methanol. It is these same properties of the mint plant that we have found to be  beneficial for so many other health concerns.

Another group or researchers suggest that mint may actually be used to treat female infertility. Suffice to say, a great deal of further research must be done on the effects of mint in both male and female infertility.

Bonus: One more Mint Myth!

As we sign off, this myth got me to sit up. Get this – It is believed that this aromatic plant can tighten loose skin on the neck! Not sure how that works, but as with everything, we urge due diligence on your part. Talk to your doctor or nutritionist for advice.

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