Waiting Period

The waiting period, in health insurance, can be likened to the pause between planting a seed and witnessing its growth. A waiting period is the span of time you wait before certain coverage kicks in. Like tending to a growing plant, it’s a necessary phase in your insurance journey.

Learn More About Waiting Period

As you wait for a seed to grow, a waiting period precedes certain coverage. Learn about this essential phase in your insurance journey and how it contributes to your long-term health security as you decide on the best choice for you from the many options of health insurance in Africa.

How do waiting periods affect my health insurance coverage?

Waiting periods are a necessary phase in your insurance journey. As they are the span of time you need to wait before certain coverage options become effective, they serve an important function in making health insurance work for all. This is because they are designed to prevent individuals from purchasing insurance only when they need immediate medical care. Waiting periods ensure no-one games the system as it encourages people to contribute to the common pool by paying premiums before asking for a claim. Understanding waiting periods helps you plan and manage your healthcare needs effectively.

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